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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and for a few months. that it makes the bush era tax cuts permanent for the individuals making $400,000 a yore and families are making $450,000. the white house sent vice president joe biden here to capitol hill to broker a deal in the house like he did in the senate. house democrats are welcoming his help. >> i think we have made gigantic progress, i hope we can have a bipartisan agreement as we go forward. >> reporter: congress' inability to reach a deal has been frustrating to voters. >> they shouldn't have waited right until the deadline, but that's typical. >> reporter: even though the country officially went over the fiscal cliff at midnight, monday, the senate version of the bill makes all tax cut extensions retroactive to the beginning of the year. and if the house decides to amend this bill they will send it back to the senate. house gop members will meet
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again this evening. actually within the next half hour. that meeting is scheduled then. live on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, matt back to you. >> danielle, thank you very much. earlier today the white house released a fact sheet on the deal. for starters it would permanently extend middle class tax cuts, extending credit for working families, raises $626 billion by ending tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of the americans. promote deficit reduction and strong fiscal growth and extend the farm bill through the end of the fiscal year, thus averting a sharp rise in milk prices. stay with 9news throughout the night for the very latest on the fiscal cliff. we'll have updates on our website, and the latest tonight on 9 news at 6:00, 7:00, and 11:00. same-sex marriages got underway in earnest today, all across maryland. a wide cross of people are tieing the knot. among them more than half a dozen couples who literally lined up to wed at a water
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front end on maryland's eastern shores. our scott broom reports. >> reporter: at the black walnut point in, couples nervously prepared for the ceremonies and the wedding photographer scramble. a couple who wedded at midnight after a 15-year relationship and previous marriage to men came on to cheer the others in just married hats. >> it was magical. >> we are gathered here today to celebrate love. the love that has been freely given to us. >> reporter: clayton and wayne of baltimore stood under a water front gazebo to exchange vows cementing a six-year relationship. >> i now pronounce you married, you may kiss your spouse. >> yay! [ applause ] >> reporter: that was kick to be through voting and everything. why was it such a big deal? >> this is truly a gift to us to see them be married and to express their love in a way
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that is recognized. this is the future of america and this is the way it should be. >> reporter: also among the couples to wed at black walnut point. >> i just love him and i wanted to be married to him and spend the rest of my life with him. >> reporter: the u.s. navy master chief dwayne beedy and jonathan franklin. >> after 20 years in the navy and being able to do this openly, you know, it's wonderful. >> reporter: between the weddings last night and the weddings happening today bit time it is all over, there will have been seven same-sex couples who have tied the knot on the first day it's legal in maryland. on tillman island, maryland, scott broom, 9news now. >> the first same-sex marriages took place after midnight. baltimore city hall at 12:30 a.m. to allow several gay couples to be married. she is an ordain minister
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presided over those ceremonies. we have new information tonight about a crash that killed a prince william county police officer. chris young was killed when the motorcycle crashed into a minivan that had turned right in front of him. yung was responding to a call at the time and his lights and sirens were on. peggy fox joins us live from the scene. peggy? >> reporter: well we've watched this memorial to officer chris yung grow throughout the day. a few minutes ago another person came by and put those flowers down. tonight we know more about the other vehicle involved, a dodge caravan. there were two women and the driver was a 69-year-old woman from gainesville. at this point she has not been charged. police tell us that there was a green light here allowing traffic to flow freely, but when she turned left into this shopping center, she obviously failed to yield the right of way to an oncoming vehicle. an emergency vehicle with lights and his sirens.
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police officers often witness scenes of death and grief, but this one is their own. a growing memorial for the beloved fellow officer chris yung. he died here yesterday while responding to a call for an accident and got into a fiery terrible crash. he and his motorcycle collided with a minivan that was turning left. today a group of officers including the acting police chief offered their condolences to yung's widow. >> chris meant a lot to us. he was an outstanding police officer, a true public servant. every sense of the way. we all miss him very much. >> reporter: chris yung was the father of three children. co-workers say his brother and sister-in-law, they were also police officers. these two women who worked with yung say that his smile was
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infectious and that even people he ticketed found him friendly. >> he loved working with them. loved being a motor officer. had a great smile. and when you met chris, you knew you had met a friend. >> reporter: one message reads chris, you're a true hero and you will be missed. patrick and baby will though you for being a great uncle. i miss you and love you, nancy. >> there is risk involved. we all know that and we understand that and a tragedy like this when it happens, we come together, we work together, we support one another. >> reporter: now chris yung was on the prince william county police force for three years. this is the third county police death since 1970. this death has really touched the community. there will be a vigil tonight at the target parking lot near where the accident happened at
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7:30 tonight. i'm peggy fox reporting live, now back to you. >> peggy, thank you. police are searching for a man who stabbed a woman on the metrobus and then took off. it happened last night on the 90 bus. the driver stop the bus at the intersection of mlk junior avenue and w streets southeast after hearing some type of altercation. that's when a woman came running through the front of the bus with the stab wounds in her chest and shoulder. her injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> reporter: a church in maryland destroyed by a fire on new year's day. the flames broke out this morning. that's where kristin fisher has the latest on the final investigation. >> reporter: what caused this fire? the answer may be found on what happened here for new year's eve. this church was full for their new year's eve service. then right at midnight the lights went out. >> the lights went out just at
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midnight. why, we don't know. >> reporter: then just seven hours later pastor robert got a call saying his church of 22 years was on fire. >> i couldn't believe it. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: it was a big two- alarm fire that took prince george's county firefighters 30 minutes to put out. no one was hurt, but their church charred. >> this is the bible. what's left of them. >> reporter: the silhouette of the cross has been burned into the brick wall. the cross itself now sits outside thanks to the firefighters who saved it. fire investigators and atf agents are now searching for the cause. was it electrical or something more sinister? >> any time you have any more than one point of origin, which they did locate two points oforigin that is always a red flag for investigators. knowing that the power was out that when it is reenergized, something could have happened. >> reporter: the fire is not
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being called suspicious, but with the house of worship, there is always a concern that it could be a hate crime. >> do pray for us. it's a challenging time for us, especial lit first of the year -- especially the first of the year. >> reporter: the pastor says he hopes something will. afterall this church has been here since 1963, but his first priority is finding a temporary home for sunday's service. kristin fisher 9news. >> hopefully they will find it soon that caused the damage. it's estimated at $100,000. police are looking for the person that shot out a window of the prince william county school. these are surveillance video. the shooting took place some time between 9:30 friday night and 8:15 last saturday morning. some clear pictures here. if you recognize the man in them, please call the police. well it was a cloudy and cool day to start off the new year. >> it sure was. >> now what will the weather be
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like when the kids go back to school tomorrow? whether they want to or not. on the terrace with the forecast. >> reporter: hey, it is really not too bad to be out here because we don't have a breeze. the breezes will come back into the forecast. but take a look at the high temperatures today. pretty nice really. 45 in d.c. all these temperatures are a little above normal for this time of the year. 44 degrees, but we got up to 45 at reagan national. of course, resetting all those precipitation numbers so we back to zero as we -- so we are back to zero as we ended the year for 2012. satellite and radar shows plenty of rain in southern parts of virginia. we didn't get it here in the d.c. metro. we're going to keep it dry overnight as well with clouds continuing to move out, which will lead to a chilly overnight. north winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. coming uply tell you more about
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those breezy conditions as you head back to work in your full forecast. back to you. >> thanks, erica. coming up it didn't take long for the d.c. area to have their first babies of the new year. we'll give you a look at a couple of the early newcomers for 2013. and also ahead the tail of two cities, the football teams aside. which city has more to brag about? washington, d.c. or seattle washington? but first secretary of state hillary clinton, she is still in the hospital with a blood clot in her head. we'll have the latest on her condition and the treatments coming up next.
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secretary of state hillary clinton still in the hospital being treated for a blood clot for her brain. she didn't have a stroke, but she could have and she was lucky to get the prompt care she did. otherwise a clot in a major vein that carries blood out of the head is like a dangerous
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back up in the lincoln tunnel. the secretary of state is being treated at new york presbyterian for the blood clot, which formed in the brain and the skull behind the right ear. it's called a transverse thrombosis. the blockage is now being dissolved with blood thinners. >> it prevents that clot from getting larger. >> reporter: here in washington friends and colleagues are sending well wishes. they have known clinton since law school. >> i just want to say how much secretary clinton is in our prayers this morning and i hope she recovers rapidly from this health problem. >> reporter: the concussion happened earlier this month when the 65-year-old clinton fainted, brought on by the stomach virus. sometimes when people have a concussion, they have pretty bad headaches. they could have dizziness and vertigo. >> reporter: she had been on a grueling schedule, traveling more than any other u.s.
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secretary of state in history. >> reporter: this is something not affecting the brain tissue itself. >> reporter: they say this type of clot following the concussion is rare and it was likely her dehydration that triggered it. now the goal is to make sure the blood thinners are at the exact dose before she is released. and doctors say that they do expect a full recovery, but that's because the clot was found so quickly. a brain hemorrhage or a stroke could have resulted if it had gone undetected. clinton is planning to step down from the current jobs and already plans to departure from that post. the first baby of the new year in the d.c. year was born exactly the stroke of midnight. she delivered a 7 pound 6 ounce baby girl at the hospital in silver springs. it was her third child. she takes us to washington hospital center where another baby was born just seconds later. >> we knew when we got here, the word was out. >> reporter: what could cause
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excitement here at the washington medical center? >> my daughter. my due date is january 9. >> reporter: but emily had other plans. >> 12 hits and five seconds after she's out. she's ready and, you know, ready to celebrate new year's with us. >> reporter: it seems everyone is celebrating. >> we've got the first baby of the new year born five seconds after midnight. we're really excited about that. >> it's a sign letting me know that new year's will be good. she came out healthy. what more can i ask for? it's been a blessing. >> reporter: danielle gill, 9news. in other newborn baby news, shady grove in rockville also announced the delivery of its first new year's baby, baby hannah of germantown was born at 2:43 a.m. no word on when the first new year's baby was delivered at any of the other hospitals in virginia.
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>> it will be one their parents will remember that's for sure. thousands of people fill the streets of pasadena to watch the 124th tournament of roses parade. check it out. this year's theme was oh the places you will go in honor of dr. seuss's book with the same name including 43 floats. the parade leads up to the granddaddy of them all, college football bowl game, the rose bowl. this time the badgers take on the stanford cardinals. half a million people lined up the streets for its new year's day parade. the theme for this year's event is hats off to london, celebration capital of the world. more than 10,000 performers took place including hundreds of olympians appropriately, international dancers, and more that be a dozen marching bands from here in the united states. >> it would have been nice in the washington area. >> yeah, the cloud cover, at least you don't need the sunglasses. >> it wasn't fridged and it
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wasn't raining either, which is great news. we're going to keep it dry for the next several days, but we do have a shot of colder air coming too. take a look at real cold days. crisp and cold in chicago, but not too cold for these people to take an icy dip in lake michigan, taking part of the annual polar fest. that's for sure. and the air temperature is in single digits, the water temperatures in the mid to upper 30s and the 13th year in a row. and the weather cam will be 44 and cloudy. much nicer milder temperature here in town and the dew point of 38 with the winds out of the north-northwest at 5 miles per hour and humidity at 53%. so overnight tonight we're going to see the clouds clearing out of here. and that will lead to a mostly sunny, but breezy wednesday with some of that cooler and
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drier air trying to make their way towards us from canada. it will be chilly during the shortened school week. a few flakes are possible this weekend, but still no accumulating snow in the forecast. right now 39 degrees in gaithersburg. 41 in manassas. and it is 45 degrees in fredericksburg right now. you can see the showers completely missing up to the south. the heavier rain and places that really need it in the carolinas and southern virginia. we could use it here in the metro area as well. no complaints about a dry new year's day forecast as we head into the overnight hours, that rain will continue to push off to the east as we will start seeing clearing in the mountains. you can see it continuing even in southern virginia. now in the d.c. metro we will continue to see the sunshine building in on wednesday. by the days end, mostly sunny skies. you can see the bubble descending in here and bringing in that drier weather. overnight tonight the clouds move out as it will be chilly
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tonight as the clouds depart. winds are out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. as we head into the morning, mostly sunny skies. it will be breezy with the temperatures in the 30s. winds are out of the north at 5 to 15 in the morning, increasing to 10 to 20 in the afternoon and it will be a sunny and breezy day. over the next three days, 9 weather alerts are all green for you on thursday and a nice day with mostly sunny skies. the breezes pick up on friday and there is a chance for a flurry at 6:00. still no accumulating snow here. in your seven-day forecast, it will be on the chilly side. another chance for some flurries with the high of 38 degrees. keeping the temperatures below normal until next workweek. it will be milder and stay sunny. >> hey that's nice. >> yeah, of course. of course you have to work. [ laughter ] but you get the nice weather when everyone had gone back to work. >> yeah, we'll take it in
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january. coming up we've seen the big burgers before, but wait until you hear what the maker of this 220 pound hamburger says they can cure. here's a cure, it's not indigestion. >> no kidding. up next a look at some of the famous and not so famous new year's eve celebrations across the nation. we'll be right back.
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so new york city's times square is back to normal after last night's annual new year's eve celebration. more than 1 million people from all around the world packing into the heart of manhattan to count down to 2013. the 106th year for the ball drop and the first in decades without television host and icon dick clark who died in april. one of the panels on the ball was engraved with his name. thousands backed downtown baltimore last night to usher in the new year. fireworks lit up the sky over the inner harbor at the stroke of midnight. the spectacular show in the middle of the harbor. las vegas rang in the new year with the simultaneous fireworks up and down the stretch. the displays were launched from the eight hotel rooftops. there were also big
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celebrations at the popular fremont street experiences in vegas' downtown area. a favorite of ours. the drag queen drop. thousands of people are on the island's famous streets to watch the family impersonator female impersonator's name, sushi in the red high heel shoes. >> memorable. just memorable. after all that new year's eve partying, here is something that might help you with your hangover. >> an australian man decided to whip up the so-called hangover burger. check it out. weighing more than 220 pounds and more than six feet tall. it has all the standard meat patties, lettuce, tomatoes between a burger bun, but the cook added cheese, fried eggs, bacon, and a whole barbecue chicken. disgusting, right? it took him several hours to prepare. [ laughter ] >> wow, hard to keep it
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upright. coming up, visitors get one last look at the emancipation proclamation before it is put away for another year. also ahead football teams decide who got the better city. washington or seattle? we'll have that coming up. could 2013 be the year of perpetual fiscal crisis? we'll be joined by a tax policy expert who says real spending reforms could still be months, even years away. that's right after the break. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget."
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perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken.
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as the gop controlled house of representatives pours over the fiscal cliff deal passed by the senate, many issues on the taxes and spending are still unresolved out there and could make for a 2013. joining me now is howard, the resident fellow of the urban editor. now let's start with what the current deal does accomplish as far as changes on the wealthiest americans. what has happened? >> that is the main thing that the current deal does. they protect 99.3% of the taxpayers from any tax increases from the income tax. many people, they will see the payroll tax increases, but they won't see any increase tax views. those are people making more than $450,000 or $400,000. they will see their taxes revert back to where they were in the clinton administration. their top right will be 39.6%. and going up. it will be about 20%.
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so they're going to see the tax increases. the estate tax about $5 million with a 40% rate, the $5 million exclusion will continue going forward so they've got a little bit of the break there. that's what's happening. we're sort of holding things steady, a few people are going to see higher taxes go up. on average by about $1,500. >> the current deal extends the unemployment benefits for another year for millions of americans. and protect the payments to go out to the doctors that treat the medicare patients. but what about the spending cuts we need to deal with the national debt? >> that's the big problem. they have put off the major tax increases. they're going to fight it all off again next year with another big debate over what happens with the debt limit. we'll see a repraise of the fight we have in the summer of 2011. >> reporter: even though that we have a deal, we need to be clear with people that they are still looming again in a couple
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of months in their own way? >> even if the house agrees to this. but even if they agree to this, we will have the whole fight again over in february and march. >> what is going to happen then? how will it be different up to this point? >> democrats are going to need to agree to major spending reductions. >> and where are those sticking points specifically as far as the spending reductions? social security? what are we looking at realistically? >> the big one is medicare. we need to make some reductions. how we do it, raising the eligibility of medicare, increase payments by higher income people. whether we reduce payments to providers. we all have these choices, but we need to do something with the way we are spending on health care. that's a big piece of it. social security might be a small piece. the defense will be a piece and the medicare will be a piece too. >> so with all the partisan bickering, how could you have spending reforms and tax
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reforms so we are not constantly on the fiscal crisis or on the edge of this? >> we have been going through this fight for years. i don't see any way out of it. it will take a complete change of the minds of the republicans to accept tax increases. they say they won't do it, but it will require a big change. they are going to need to agree to cut the medicare and other spending programs that they won't do it. until it happens it will require the president's leadership. and it will be on congress and probably going to require a major protest from the financial market. >> okay, it's daunting to say the least as you head into 2013 of the tax lock. thank you so much for being here to give us insights for us for the days ahead. >> happy new year. >> with the touch of the cynicism in there. all right, matt, back to you. ♪ hail to the redskins we are now five days away
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from the bigst football game here in washington in a -- biggest football game here in washington with the redskins and the seahawks. i'll leave the breakdown to the capable sports department. i thought it might be a good time to compare and contrast the two cities. seattle and washington. >> reporter: let's start with the sound tracks of the two cities. ♪ [ music ] d.c. has go-go and chuck brown. seattle has grunge. washington has the wonderful wharf, a seafood's delight. >> everything is more natural. >> reporter: while seattle for some reasons, the lights and throwing their fish around at the pike place fish market. >> theirs is a little more entertaining, but we have really good fish here. >> reporter: washington has the monument, seattle has the needle. they make planes, we make legislation slowly. washington has tourists. >> it is lovely.
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>> reporter: seattle has techies and the wealthiest techie of it all, bill gates. while washington has one of the most notorious gates of all, water gate. at the end of the daisy yacht l has a nice hot cup of starbucks coffee. >> a 4-year list -- 54-year history. >> reporter: while we here in washington have a nice hot bowl of chili. >> which is the better city? >> no doubt, always washington. >> reporter: the redskins have won three super bowls while seattle has never, but never had a championship team in any of the four major sports. let's hope that continues. >> absolutely, matt. today was your last chance to see the emancipation proclamation for a while. it was 150 years ago today that president abraham lincoln signed the document to free slaves in the u.s. the original document has been on the rare public display since sunday at
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the national archives on the mall. they only brought it out for a few days at a time since exposure to light could damage it. visitors were treated to the historical reenactments and a special dramatic reading of the proclamation itself. and that is on the first day of january and the year of 1,863. all persons, they were held as slaves within any state or a designated part of the state. the people shall then be in rebellion against the united states shall be banned, henceforth and forever free. >> reporter: also to mark the occasion, the u.s. postal service introduced a limited edition emancipation proclamation forever stamp. the first in the series of three civil rights stamps to be released in 2013.
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questions tonight surrounding colorado's first private pot smoking. we'll explain coming up. it was a really nice day here in the d.c. metro despite the cloud cover. temperatures were pretty comfortable, but we do have a chilly breeze in tomorrow's forecast. everything you need to know to go back to work. but up next thieves pull off a high-priced heist and it's all caught on camera. don't forget we are always on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on camera, a jewelry heist that looks like something right out of the movie. surveillance video shows a group of masked thieves robbing a jewelry store in ft. lauderdale, florida. they allegedly broke in through the roof, cut the alarm system, taking out one of the security cameras. then they torched their way into three safes. police taking down an armed robbery suspect in southern california as they began pursuing the driver around 9:00 last night. the news chopper captured the car driving on the wrong side of the road and blowing through red lights. they blew out the cars tires. after a cruiser corners the
5:40 pm
driver, he gets out of the car and makes a run for it, but the officer tackles him on the sidewalk and arrests him. colorado's first pot smoking club is now open for business, but there are questions about whether or not the club is actually legit as in legal. owners cut the ribbon last night on club 64. as of midnight this morning adults over 21 can possess a small amount of pot for private use. so the owners believe their private club is legal. >> you can pursue all you want, but not publicly. >> they regulate alcohol where you can come and hang out and smoke instead of drink. >> reporter: members pay $30 to get into the club. they can bring in their own marijuana or share with others, but no pot can be sold there. denver police are waiting for guidance from the city of attorney to see if the club
5:41 pm
violates any laws. this is new ground for them. still ahead on 9news, running a marathon is the kind to do it ahead. and it will be fine. >> wow. but first, calories, staying off the sweets may seem like a great place to start with the new year's diet. find out what other ingredient you need to track next in my health alert.
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calories, avoiding sweets, all good stuff. there is one ingredient that you cannot ignore that will sabotage our diet. the shakers is what we think of, but surprisingly the table salt only accounts for about 6% of our daily intake. >> 77% of the sodium in our diet comes from processed food. and that's what people have to realize. >> reporter: she's a cardiologist at the ohio state university medical center. she says when we eat too much
5:45 pm
salt, we retain water, which adds weight. but beyond that excess salt actually makes you hungrier. if you're not careful, you can eat a lot with very little effort. >> if you eat one meal out at a restaurant, in general most restaurants that would be about 5,000 milligrams of sodium. >> reporter: that's more than twice the recommended amount for an entire day, but it is not the only place salt is hiding. even fresh cut meat could contain extra salt to make it look better. >> at the grocery salt they inject sodium to make it plumper as they make a mixture of water and salt to make it look better on the grocery shelf. >> reporter: even fruits and vegetables contain excessed rum, especially if they -- excessed sodium especially if they are canned. after living with hypertension and suring a heart attack, she -- and surviving a heart attack, she reads the labels on everything she buys, cutting all the salt. >> i had to cut out fast food and learn how to go to a store,
5:46 pm
buy fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare my own. >> that is the way to go. in addition to adding walt weight, too much salt -- adding water weight, too much salt could also cause other problems. starting with a clean slate and sticking to the resolutions is often easier said than done. >> things aren't going to change because you want them to, but because you want to change behavior. >> and he offers some more advice including being realistic with your goals. be specific. don't just say i want to lose a lot of weight. instead say i want to lose ten pounds and do it judicially. try to stick with the short- term goals to share your resolutions and tips for achieving them on the facebook page. we want to hear them. for a couple in australia
5:47 pm
it is 22.6 miles down. 9,537 more miles to go. they plan to run one marathon each and every day this year. and so far so good. the murrays are grandparents. both in their 60s. they set up the goal to raise money on charities, encouraging the rest of us to pursue healthier lifestyles. >> 20 years ago i wouldn't be able to run one city block. i couldn't run more than 100 meters. and 23 kilograms with 50 pounds and it feels so much better. >> not only that, but i get a younger man without the divorce. >> 10 years ago they diagnosed her with breast cancer giving her six months to live. she believes eating raw vegan food saved her life. the same diet will fuel the couple's pursuit of 365 marathons. >> that's unbelievable. >> raise your hands if you feel great right now. >> not only is it unbelievable.
5:48 pm
i don't think it could be done, i'm sorry. >> i don't. >> i'm going to follow their progress. >> what about their joints? >> yes, i'm going to follow their progress and see. i did one marathon and fell over the finish line. that was it. we're going to have great weather for going out there and going for a run, but we need to wait at least one day because tomorrow will be on the breezier side. i will tell you more about that in just a second, but first we're looking at the national mall. of course it's dark so you can't see the cloud cover. but plenty of clouds in place during the afternoon today. 44 degrees is your current temperature. so it will be right about normal for the high temperature. the dew point is at 28 right now with those winds out of the north-northwest at a miles per hour -- at 5 miles per hour. it will lead to a breezy day on wednesday. the arctic air will sneak down
5:49 pm
here. so we will risk losing some of that colder air to the north of us. and it will be chilly during the workweek with just a few flakes this weekend as the air continues to try to push on in. right now it is 21 degrees in leesburg in culpepper. 37 in winchester and 44 degrees in d.c. on satellite and radar there is plenty of rain to the south. it didn't move in here today and it will continue to move off to the east as we head into the overnight hours. you'll see it here on 9 future cast. all that heavy rain in norfolk and places like richmond you'll see the rain, but it will taper off during the overnight hours. as you head out the door on wednesday morning, more sunshine sneaking in here, but the winds will be out of the north and that is going to make for a breezy and a chilly wednesday. that arctic air will stay well to the north of us though so it will be a cool down and dry conditions will remain in our forecast. overnight tonight partial
5:50 pm
clearing and chilly. 26 to 32 for the overnight lows. not too bad. temperatures could be colder at this time of the year. make sure the kids have their winter coats on. it will be a bit breezy under mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the 30s. and then in the afternoon it will be sunny, but breezy and cooler with a high of 35 to 40 degrees. it will give us a windchill in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. our 9 weather alerts are all green and no weather related issues in our forecast. just a little breezy with the high of 38. looks nice on thursday with a high of 40 degrees. breezy again on friday with the flurries and a high of 38. it will be kind of a chilly end of the workweek staying chilly even in your seven-day forecast. a high of 43 and then 38 degrees on sunday, but breezy again. and another chance of some flurries. still no accumulating snow in this forecast. but next week, it looks really
5:51 pm
nice as we're going to see temperatures in the mid-40s with lots of sunshine. so that will be the first weather with the temperatures above normal in quite some time as i'm looking forward to it. >> oh yeah, me too. >> thank you. kristin joins us with a look at sports. >> it is my job and extremely exciting that's for sure. over the last several days we've been counting down wusa's top sports moments in d.c. so many memorable moments came out of 2012. the good, the bad, and the bizarre. here is a recap of the top 9. we begin with number 9 of the birds up the road in full force. tiger woods with the powerful views that would prevail in the end. rg3 gets knocked out of the skins game. everyone knows his name now
5:52 pm
finishing in an electrifying game time drive. they could beat their belt time rivals in overtime. and now we will head to the ice for number a in game 7 of the eastern conference finals. knocks it at a game winning goal. what a night it was then for them. number 4, the youngest member of team u.s.a. wins gold for the second fastest time in history. at 3 one out with all what they needed to move on as they could not deliver. they watched their first playoff win in 79 years come to an end. so many great moments. who could forget this one? a knock off home run by jason werth in game four. and number one, plenty of great rg3 moments planned for number 1. but just this sunday, they
5:53 pm
topped it all lead by al fred morris as they beat the hated dallas cowboys in their first nfc east title in 13 years. this is d.c. area's top sports moment of to 12. of course guys, the redskins are not gone yet. so here is too many more great moments in 2013. >> yeah, it was just great. >> a great year to be a fan. >> i mean having the division champs, you know, maybe a super bowl, making it even better. >> for the sports world. >> there you go. >> one game at a time. >> thanks. still ahead tonight, recovering from the fiscal cliff now that we have gone over local lawmakers that talk about a possible deal. then a little later, some changes on the road as we need to head into the new year. and up next stopping the cycle of the domestic violence for the help of local heros.
5:54 pm
stay with us. we'll be right back.
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5:56 pm
just in the last fiscal cliff alone. today's hero central, they celebrate with the life and what it can and be for survivors for the help of the northern coalition health of services. >> it is very scary. and never been by myself.
5:57 pm
they slipped trying to take the kids. >> reporter: four years ago she took the first step away from a life of domestic violence. >> my husband kicked me out. i have three kids. i'm going to a shelter and kind of a big place to be in. >> novaco is sed dated to help -- is dedicated to help victims recover from abuse. >> people get into a cycle of abuse without realizing and then it escalates. so it doesn't go away. somebody doesn't walk down the hall or into a house to hit somebody. it usually starts with yelling, screaming, manipulation. >> reporter: the first step towards breaking the abuse cycle is providing transitional housing. >> it was a three bedroom apartment. living room, dining room, two bathrooms. >> reporter: their wide network of the church and community sponsors, they provide many classes and councilling for the
5:58 pm
female -- counseling for the female survivors. the demand is high. >> we only serve about 20% of the need. so we are constantly looking for volunteers and donations. >> reporter: and three years with them, valentine learned many life skills like the financial literacy and career planning. >> they helped me find a house, they helped me learn how to drive. >> reporter: today, she lives in her own home with all five of her children. the 28-year-old working mom plans to go back to school for a career as a nursing assistant. >> and those are the situations that you're thinking if i leave, i'm going to lose everything. because of your life and kids are more important. >> 9 news now. jaycee says they pay the path. about 1/3 of the former clients now own their own homes. if you would like to volunteer or donate to novaco go to her website. and this is 9news now.
5:59 pm
now they were about to have a no hold's your house vote here in the house of representatives. >> reporter: but as of this moment still no vote of any kind in the house on a deal to bring us back from the fiscal cliff. the senate passed their version of the deal early this morning. today was full of meetings between vice president joe biden and the democratic and the republican leadership. but after a two-hour meeting with his gop counterparts, the number two republican in the house, the virginia congressman emerged to say that he does not support the senate bill. and the virginia democrat, they also implied today that he will be voting no. and when a new congress is sworn in it is back to square one in both the house and the senate. they will join us with more, andrea? >> reporter: good evening from capitol hill. some house democr


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